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Founded in 2005 at Kashipur , Industrial township of uttarakhand state of India.

We provide, customized , highly energy efficient turn-key projects, including training in operations and management to its clients. Our quality, technical & industrial solutions are appreciated by our customers. After sales service provided by us is prompt , economical and satisfactory. The promoters have over than 35 years of experience in the bulk drugs ( Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients/API) , phyto pharmaceuticals , Nutraceutical Ingredients/Dietary Supplements and standardized herbal extracts manufacturing in solvent extraction plant. The team is backed by knowledgeable and experienced design and project engineers, charted accountants, chemists, pharma technocrats & scientists and marketing experts.

We, Strive to implement new ideas & technologies to meet unmet needs . Practice honesty, impartiality and fairness at all times. Have courage to call out what is not right and do our best in every situation.

We provide consultancy and undertake projects on turnkey basis.


Our Advantage:

Some of the attributes that have contributed to the success of Ken Healthcare are:

  • Turnkey solution right from concept to conceptualization
  • Well defined quality management system
  • Cost-effective solutions to meet specific requirements
  • Responsive customer services
  • Successful execution of the project within stipulated time frame
  • Use of CAD Design Softwares
  • Well documented drug master file/Technical dossier
  • Plant lay out as per GMP guidelines/Drugs & cosmetics act
  • Supports In Sales & Marketing: We provide invaluable support in sales and marketing of the products.This is crucial for new industries to establish their presence in the market and achieve success.
Supports In Sales & Marketing:

Quality Objectives

We, being a reputed organization, ensure our clients get the best through our excellent and reliable services like technical consultancy services, financial consultancy services. Further, to maximize client satisfaction we have set up a quality management system wherein we check the qualitative aspect of our services. Our professionals keep themselves updated with industrial trends and thereby ensure that accurate information is provided to the clients.

Our Values:

All-In-One Service: We offer all the important services needed for a project under on roof.Simplify the project management process for our clients.Saving time and making things easier for clients.

Focused On Clients:At the core of our values is a deep commitment to our client’s success.We prioritize the clients need,preferences,and objectives .

Honesty And Openness:We always tell the truth and keep things clear with our clients,so that they can trust on us.



Our Management


The top management has got over 35 years expertise in industrial project consultancy. The team comprises of:

  • Design department.
  • IT.
  • Instrumentation.
  • Project management finance /Chartered accountants
  • Procurement team for men, material and machineries
  • Plant commissioning technical team
  • Pharma technocrats , Senior Production & Q.C. Chemists, Biotecnologist,Food Technologist

Our Vision

To be a globally renowned company in the field of turnkey projects execution by providing quality products & services.

  • Accomplish customer satisfaction is elementary to our business.
  • Provide services of higher quality by adoption of international best practices.
  • Extension of service portfolio and rapid geographical extension.
  • Practice nobleness and fairness in relationships and provide opportunities for our people to realize their full potential, encouraging talents and creating new opportunities for growth.
  • Boost reciprocally advantageous relations with all our business associates.
  • Organize our operations with high concern for safety and environment.

Our Mission

The sole mission of the Ken healthcare is to:

  • Consistently achieve customer delight through value added services.
  • Adopt innovative engineering to meet the imperative needs of the clients.
  • Underpin efficient and responsive systems to take decisions and to manage risks.
  • Attract and retain best talents for global competitiveness.
  • Our goal is to help people bring their dream projects to life and become successful entrepreneurs,make good money along the way.
  • We aim to create jobs and spread happiness in our communities.
  • Contribute to boost the country’s economy.


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    Project report

    What is a project report ?

    Answer : The project report is a document that contains all the necessary information and relevant data which is required to start the new project .

    What should a project report include ?

    Answer: Detailed project report contains the following: 

    1. Project introduction 
    2. Project objective 
    3. Uses & applications 
    4. Present market demand and supply 
    5. Estimated future market demand and forecast 
    6. Name & addresses of existing units (Present Players) 
    7. List of raw materials and their suppliers addresses 
    8. Manpower requirement 
    9. List of plant & machineries and their suppliers addresses 
    10. Electric load & water requirement for the project 
    11. Manufacturing process 
    12. Utilities requirement 
    13. Project financials 
    14. Regulatory requirements for establishing the new industry

    Turnkey project herbal extracts

    What is a turnkey project ?

    Answer: The turnkey project is a type of deliverable method of a new project, under the agreement between the project owner & promoters with a single supplier, who shall deliver the complete project in a stipulated time frame.

    Turnkey projects will include detailed engineering design, civil work, supply of plant & equipment, commissioning of plant & machinery, standard operating procedures for machinery, processing technology transfer, recruitment of top and middle management level team, and marketing know-how for the smooth functioning of a new industry.

    What are the advantages of turnkey projects ?

    Answer: The Project cost can be reduced.

    The complete project shall be supervised by a highly experienced supplier team and thus save the time and money of the promoters.

    Business secrecy could be maintained with a single supplier of complete projects. It will be the responsibility of the supplier to complete the project in a stipulated time frame.

    Pharmaceutical & API machineries

    What are the Pharmaceutical & API machineries ?

    Answer: Pharmaceutical machines and equipments required for the manufacture and packaging of pharmaceutical products in different dosages forms like, Capsules ,tablets ,elixirs, emulsion and suspensions ,ointments ,creams , pastes , lotions ,dusting powder, and parenteral preparations ( small volume injectable and large volume parenteral )

    What are the API plants & equipment ?

    Answer: API plant & equipment are required for the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (Bulk drugs/API).

    What is an API ?

    Answer: Active pharmaceutical ingredients API/Bulk drugs , means any substance that is intended for incorporation into a finished drug product and is intended to furnish pharmacological activity or other direct effect in the diagnosis ,cure, mitigation , treatment, or prevention of disease ,or to affect the structure or any function of the body.

    Herbal extraction plant & machineries

    What is herbal extraction ?

    Answer: Herbal extraction is a process where organic solvent is used to remove or separate the desired active compounds from plant part or in whole.

    Crude drug (Medicinal plant) is pulverized in hammer mill to desired particle size and charged in suitable extraction equipment, selective solvent is added and extraction process is performed under specific conditions of temperature ,pressure , and time for complete extraction of desired compounds .

    Solvent used in the extraction penetrates the cells of powdered crude drug and during diffusion process dissolution of extractive substances out of intact plant cells and mixed with solvent.

    Total extract collected in liquid form is further processed for isolation of a particular compound and its purification to convert the compound into desired quality specifications.

    What is an herbal extraction plant ?

    Answer: Herbal extraction plant & equipment’s are used for the extraction of medicinal plants

    What are the plant & equipment for herbal extraction?


    1. Rotary extractor 
    2. Vertical extractor 
    3. Continuous solvent extraction plant 
    4. Solvent recovery plant 
    5. Filter press 
    6. Dryers 
    7. Multi mill 
    8. Vibro shifter 
    9. Blenders 
    10. Reaction vessels 
    11. Distillation vessels with heat exchangers 
    12. Solvent storage tanks 
    13. Boiler & other utilities
    What are Examples of standardized herbal extracts?

    1. Ashwagandha extract ( Withania somnifera) Withanoloides 2.5% to 8 % 2. Boswellia extract (Boswellia serrata) Boswellic acids 60% , 10 % to 30% AKBBA
    3. Coffee bean extract (Coffea robusta) Chlorogenic acid 45%,50% & 60% 4. Gymnema extract (Gudmar) (Gymnema Sylvestre) Gymnemic acid 25%, 50% & 75%

    Turn key project on Pharmaceutical and API

    What are pharmaceuticals ?

    Answer: Pharmaceutical formulations , is the process in which different chemical substances ,including the active drug ,are combined to produce a final medicinal product for use in the diagnosis ,cure , mitigation ,treatment ,or prevention of any disease.

    What is an API ?

    Answer: Active pharmaceutical ingredients API/Bulk drugs , means any substance that is intended for incorporation into a finished drug product and is intended to furnish pharmacological activity or other direct effect in the diagnosis ,cure, mitigation , treatment, or prevention of disease ,or to affect the structure or any function of the body.

    Sources of API

    1. Chemical synthesis manufacturing
    2. API derived from animal sources
    3. API extracted from plant sources
    4. Herbal extracts used as API
    5. API consisting of comminuted or powdered herbs
    6. Biotechnology: fermentation/cell culture